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Application of Needle-punched non-woven cloth in furniture industry

Article author:GREENWAY Time:2021/4/22 10:38:54

1 non-woven needle moving blanket: furniture transport packing blanket, to play a protective role in some large items of furniture, such as the handling of the machine.

Non-woven protective blanket with 2 floor protection: in the shop floor below, for the protection of floor.

The 3 floor sound-proof needled non-woven blankets

4 the carpet with a non-woven fabric, plastic dropping non-woven: used for carpet backing cloth, non-slip.

Simmons mattress felt 5: about 2-3 mm.

6 sofa with polypropylene non-woven cloth: with polypropylene as the main raw materials, high strength, resistance to chemical agents, antistatic, waterproof, breathable, antibacterial, non-toxic, no stimulation, no mildew, and can exist in isolation liquid bacterial and insect attack.

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