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Low melting point Pet Nonwoven fabric

Article author:GREENWAY Time:2021/11/2 16:07:20

What is the advantage of Bi-component PET Nonwoven fabric?

Bi-component nonwoven (COPET/ PET)

Bi-component (COPET/ PET) non-woven fabric is made of Low melt Polyester and polyester  , both raw material are made from continuous filament fibers

Because of the low bonding temperature(210 degree), it won't have an effect on the structure of PET(260 degree). During the hot-rolling process, because of the high temperature and intensive pressure, the COPET turns into adhesive, thus it improves the strength of both chemical fiber and finished fabrics.
The fabric is of high strength, with superior air permeability  It's widely used in filter.

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