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 The PET spunbounded nonwovens has good tensile strength,extensibility,heat stability,corrosion reistance and aging resistance ,so it can be used widly used in water materials and roof waterproof construction fields.
Content:  The PET spunbound nonwovens has high temperature reisistance,long service life and good aging resistance,it is widely used in cable covering tape and water-blocking tapes.
The leather base fabric
   Flooring base fabric,carpet base fabric,shoe base fabric,etc.
Content: The PET spunbounded nonwovens is good at air permeability,damp proff and service,so it is widely used in buildings as  cladding material. It can make a more dry,health and environmental protection living space.
   The PET spunbound nonwovens has good air permeability and it can not only help crop growing and mature early but also prevent crop from any insects damage,furthermore, because of aging resistance,it can be used repeatly so as to reduce cost. It widely used in vegetable tents,mulching film,cap bags,etc.
The PET spunbounded nonwoves has good washing stability and strength. It can be used in quilt cover,mattress nonwovens,curtain and other decorative cloth.

Application of PET Nonwoven Fabric and PP Spunbound Nonwoven Fabric

The PET Nonwoven Fabric and PP Spunbound Nonwoven Fabric has good heat resistance and machine direction strength,it can be used in shopping bags,wall calendars,advertising cloth,children tents and so on.

Title:Filter media
Content:Purity and separate the gas and liquid. As PET spun bounded nonwovens can reach fiber fineness 0.75D and uniform fiber distribution,which widely used in automotive filter,water filter,gaer filter and industrial dust filter,etc.
Content:The PET spun bounded nonwovens is green products, widely used in automotive carpet, car ceiling,seat cloth bag and so on, it can make the car upholstery more beautiful and comfortable.
TEL: 0086-18660235597 FAX: 0086-532-88136837 ADD: Zhushan? road, Jiaonan ,Qingdao City, China.
Email address: Skype:susancui3