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PET Nonwoven Fabric


Product Name  

PET spunbonded nonwoven fabric

Line of Production

Intake materials -- high temperature molten -- spunlaid -- high temperature hot-rolled -- Cutting & Convoluting


100%  Polyester


-- Technic: spunbonded
-- Weight range: 10- 260g
-- Width of machine: 330cm to the MAX, can slip on line
-- Embossing: flat,point.
-- Color: a lot of colors for optional or customerized


-- not loose edge, not deformation, not spot
-- good strength and small differences between machine direction strength and                     Cross direction strength.
-- aging resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life.
-- recycled and pollution-free.


-- Auto Internal decoration
-- filter media
--Heat transfer printed material

-- Home furnishing nonwovens
-- Mortar poured bag

--Used in agricultural and garden

--Building covering material

--The leather base fabric

--cable covering tape and water-blocking tapes

--Water proof materials


-- 1. Rolled with paper tube 2. Packed with transparent plastic bags (weight of roll is as per customer requirements)