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PP Film  Coating Non-Woven Fabric


PE coated with nonwoven substrates such as SMS spunbond nonwoven fabric by extrusion coating technology. The fabric composites acquires both water-proof performance of PE film and the soft, high-tensile, durable property of nonwoven fabric. A variety of PE coated nonwoven in weight, width and colors are available for hygiene and medical care products.


Structure: PE+PP spunbond nonwoven
Technics: laminate with Glue 

Total Weight: 22- 200gsm
Product Width: 1500mm--2500mm upon request
Color: white, blue, yellow etc.
Technical data such as tensile force, breaking elongation, PH value are available upon your request.
Raw Material Specification:
1.  PP Chip
2. Melting Point:   166°C
3. Ash Content:    <0.15%~0.25%
4. MFI:            (230°C)≥25g/10min
Fabric Usage:

 --Medical Protect
   Surgical gown & cap, patient clothes, bed sheet, pillow covers ,face mask ,glover , diaper,
   shoe cover, curtains, etc.
--Sanitary and Health
Baby diaper, feminine hygiene, hygiene pad, baby training trouser, incontinence pads. etc,
Cover of the high absorbent material after hydrophilic treatment, diaper edge for preventing

leaking. diaper backing after composite with other material etc